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        Top Products
        Contact Us

        Add:Xiaying Economic Development Zone, Binhai District, Changyi County, Shandong, China
        Tel: +86-536-7868221 Fax: +86-536-7868778
        E-mail: charlietang93@hotmail.com
        Add:Hangzhou Jinchangshu: Shenban Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China
        Tel: +86-571-88750389 Fax: +86-571-88016297
        E-mail: charlietang93@hotmail.com
        E-mail: stabilizer-china@mail.ru

        Product Use

        Calcium stearate

        Product name: Calcium stearate
        Structural formula: Ca[CH3(CH)15C00]2
        Properties: White fine powder, non-toxic. Density 1.08g/cm3, melting point: 149-155℃, slightly soluble in hot ethyl alcohol.

        Specification and model Appearance Calcium content (Ca) Free acid Moisture Melting point Fineness (200 meshes pass rate) Mechanical impurities
        Calcium stearate White or yellowish powder 6.0-7.5 ≤1 ≤3.0% ≥138℃ 98% <6

        As heat stabilizer for PVC plastics.

        Packing and storage
        1. The product is packed by kraft bag paper lined with membrane, net weight 20kg/bag.
        2. Keep in cool and well-ventilated place. Separate from acid, alkali and corrosive substances. To protect from damp, heat, fire and corrosion.

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