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        Water Wash Paint Booth
        Product manual

        Generally, it can be divided into downward suction and lateral suction.

        1、 Working principle:
        The environmental protection water curtain cabinet (spray booth) mainly circulates water from the self-priming pump to the water curtain plate and flows down evenly. The waste gas (paint mist) sprayed by the spray gun is hit into the pool below by the water on the water curtain plate. A small part of the exhaust gas (paint mist) is discharged out of the workshop by the upper fan through the exhaust pipe. So that there is no exhaust gas (paint mist) in the workshop to give you a good working environment.

        2、 Use and maintenance:
        Before using the environmental protection water curtain cabinet (spray booth), please apply some butter on the fan blade, which will help to clean up the paint on the fan for a long time.

        Start the machine must ensure that the fan is rotating forward, so as to discharge the waste gas in the environmental protection water curtain cabinet (spray booth) out of the workshop. If it is reversed, change the position of the three live wires on the motor.

        The paint on the blades of the fan shall be handled regularly during a period of use. During the treatment, pay attention not to change the shape of the blade, which will make the blade rotate unevenly and reduce the service life of the fan. The water in the drain should not be too large, which will easily block the water pump. The water pump can't be dried, please cut off the power supply immediately if you find it can't be pumped.

        Dozens of sets have been installed at home and abroad. It can also be used with the secondary powder recovery system imported from Germany to achieve indoor exhaust without environmental problems.

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