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        Aluminum Profile
        Product manual

        Product use

        Mainly used in mechanical products, instruments and other surface coating, computer case shell, hardware accessories, home appliances hardware accessories and other small and medium-sized simple workpiece powder spraying. Coating production line, spraying Factory, shelf factory, metal products factory, spring (shock absorber) factory, furniture factory, decoration materials factory, plastic parts factory, equipment factory, wooden door factory, aluminum products and stainless steel products factory, etc. The coating equipment shall be designed and manufactured according to the customer's output, workshop, workpiece size, process characteristics and other parameters, and the curing drying channel shall be heated by coal, oil, gas and electricity. Aluminum profile coating production line equipment production efficiency is very high, easy to operate, is the pillar of enterprise development.

        Product advantage

        1. Full automatic production, the whole line production personnel only need 2-6 general workers and 1-2 technicians to produce, effectively saving a lot of labor costs.

        2. The overall surface coating of the product is uniform, and the product qualification rate is more than 95%.

        3. The production speed is fast, it can work 24 hours without interruption, and the output is 2-5 times of that of manual work.

        4. The overall operation of the production line is simple and fast. In the case of good debugging, ordinary personnel can also start production.

        5. The powder consumption can be reduced by 22% by using the automatic electrostatic spray gun and electrostatic adsorption.

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