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        1, environmental protection
        2, safety
        3, energy saving
        4. Automation
        5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance

        In the process of heat carbonization cleaning furnace, it is easy to operate by using automatic control system, and it does not need to be supervised manually, which consumes manpower.

        More environmental protection: in the process of treatment, people do not need to use chemical agents. The exhaust gas is completely burned by the afterburner at extremely high temperature and then discharged into the atmosphere without air pollution, which conforms to the environmental protection standards. In addition, in the heating process, the anoxic smoldering method is used, which will not cause deformation of the lifting appliance after combustion.

        Other functions: the hot carbon spreader cleaning furnace can make secondary treatment for the coating defective products at the same time, which can be used for the paint removal and regeneration of workpieces, and can solve the problem of preheating a small number of special workpieces.

        Waste gas treatment equipment: it is a kind of environmental protection equipment that uses different technology to protect the environment and purify the air by recycling or removing the tail gas.

        The working principle of the equipment is to separate the pollutants in the gas and convert them into harmless substances so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the gas. The packing in the tower is the basic component of gas-liquid two-phase contact. It can provide enough surface area and not cause too much resistance to gas flow. Absorbent is the main medium for waste gas treatment. Its properties and concentration are selected according to the properties of different waste gas. The consumption of unit gas is determined by calculating the ratio of the molar flow of absorbent and inert gas. The waste gas is inhaled by the air pipe and passes through the packing layer from the bottom to the top; the circulating absorbent is evenly sprayed into the packing layer from the top of the tower through the liquid distributor and flows down the surface of the packing layer to enter the circulating water tank. Due to the continuous contact between the updraft and the downdraft absorbers in the packing, the concentration of the fluid in the updraft is getting lower and lower, which can meet the emission requirements when reaching the top of the tower.

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