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        Coating equipment dust-free workshop coating purification engineering equipment (dust-proof room) is an engineering to isolate impurities in the air. This engineering is to use honeycomb sandwich baking paint in the spraying area to synthesize (dust-proof room), so as to prevent impurities such as air dust from adhering to the workpiece and affecting the quality of the workpiece. In addition, the dust (powder) or atomized paint (liquid) generated during spraying can also be avoided to diffuse throughout the plant, so as to maintain a good working environment and improve work efficiency.

        1. Excellent anti-static performance, not affected at low temperature.

        2. It can effectively sterilize and inhibit bacteria.

        3. It has good dustproof performance and can be used in grade 10-10000 purification room.

        4. In the electronic and other industries, it can prevent the damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity; in the petrochemical industry, it can prevent the combustion, explosion and other hazards caused by static electricity.

        5. Excellent durability, washability, wear resistance and stability. .

        6. Wear resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt chemical solvent oil corrosion;

        7. The surface is compact, smooth, seamless, flat and bright;

        8. Dust proof, mould proof, non-toxic, tasteless, no joint, easy to clean;

        9. Simple, fast and multi-color.

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